InfoScience, Inc.

InfoScience Inc is Ivan Saltz, mathemetician and engineer, now specializing in scientific programming, economic forecasting and practical statistical anylsis.

Fields of work have included: Information System Design, System Control, Machine Control, Biomedical Engineering, Econometric Price Forecasting, Real Time Operating System Design, Database Search Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Software Project Management, Network Design and Implementation, Network Security, Accounting Systems Design and Implementation, Quality Assurance, Technical Marketing, and Technical Marketing Management.

Over the years, Ivan has used dozens of programming languages on multiple operating systems and platforms. He holds United States patents in both hardware and software, as well as a few international patents.

He graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in biomedical engineering while simultaneously attending the pre-med program at Albany Medical College. He studied post-graduate Operations Research and Statistics at the Polytechnic Institute of New York.